Vani Vadhwa, Realtor

The Selling Process

Sellers: List with me and we'll include full-service marketing. See video about our services:

Rule # 1 Don't let the selling process scare you.

Rule # 2 Get representation - You need someone on your side

Rule # 3 Get educated. Ask lots of questions

Follow these steps with the help of your real estate agent:

Before the sale - Marketing

  • Meet your agent at your home to preview your property
  • Map out your game plan
  • Discuss price and terms
  • Discuss any required repairs
  • Discuss fees and expenses (Estimated cost sheet)
  • Discuss marketing strategies
  • Discuss marketing materials and programs
  • Go through all required documentation
  • Discuss communication and the follow up systems you will be using
  • Discuss how to handle clients that come through your property
  • Once you are satisfied with all the details, list the property

    Opening escrow - Closing the sale

  • Negotiate the transaction
  • Coordinate the home inspection
  • Negotiate repairs
  • Take care of disclosure issues (SPDS, termite, lead based paint, pool rules, etc.)
  • Follow up on buyer qualification
  • Follow up on any lender issues (appraisal, repairs or other conditions required)
  • Make sure all repairs are completed
  • Coordinate the closing process and get the transaction closed

    The importance of communication is critical. This is a group effort. You and your agent must work together to coordinate all the details. Remember, we are in this together.