Vani Vadhwa, Realtor

The Buying Process

  • Have a counseling session with your agent to map out a game plan
  • Discuss communication and the follow up systems you will be using
  • See a Lender to get your financing in place
  • Review all the documentation required for the transaction
  • Find a property
  • Negotiate the transaction, including all contingencies and conditions
  • Use the inspection period to investigate any issues of concern
  • Have a Home Inspection completed
  • Negotiate repairs
  • Investigate disclosure issues (SPDS, termite, lead based paint, pool rules, etc.)
  • Arrange for and have repairs completed
  • Make sure you get an appraisal
  • Meet with your Escrow Company to arrange the closing
  • Line up the funds for the closing
  • Arrange your electricity, phone, water, mail service and insurance
  • Close, record and move in

    The importance of communication is critical - this is a group effort. You and your agent must work together to co-ordinate all the details.

    Remember, we are in this together!